Lucifer's Hammer - Night Sacrifiice

Lucifer's Hammer is a two member band from Santiago de Chile. This is their debut three song demo released through Shadow kingdom Records on February 12 2014. Members are Hades (Vocals, Guitars), Titan (Drums).

This group is new to the underground scene and there is very little information on their sites other than their demo. Wolf is the first song. I hear a strong Iron Maiden and Saxon influence in the riffs. Vocals are good and have dual arrangements in several verses that are well executed. Shadows is track two. Somehow I am transported back in time to the early eighties when listening to this demo that even the production has that certain analog feeling in its essence. Heavy and crunchy guitar licks open this jam. Fast attack on the drums in pure metal adrenaline. Memorable verses and catchy chorus ala early era manifestation of high vocalizing style. I enjoy the harmonies between the two guitars and have a high regard for their performance on this album. Closing song and title track is "Night Sacrifice", envisioning leather jackets and fist pumping in the air for this composition. There are many early eighties influences in their music, like UFO, Saxon, Exhorder, Barracuda and Accept to name a few. The band holds their own tinge on the album. Overall, I enjoyed the material but think it would be a hard sell to a younger audience in the US, but in their region it would be more suitable in this genre. Old school followers will surely spin this a few times.

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