Syphor - For What Remains

Syphor is a five piece Thrash/Death Metal band from Dublin, Ireland consisting of members Dan Golding - Vocals, Daragh Brennan - Guitar, Franco Buonocore - Guitar, Dave O'Reilly - Bass, 
Jay Healy - Drums. 

For What Remains is the second full length album self released on September 21 2013.

The opening track is Inferno, a short an engaging melody leads us into a mass assault of pure metal octane. My first thoughts are "aggressive and devastating". Production is good and well balanced. Reckoning is up next. Catchy guitar seizes my senses, feeling a big Carcass influence on the compositions. Frozen Soul, classic DM style seeps through and feeling a mosh coming on. Interesting passages, complex, yet memorable in melody. Title track "For What Remains", slow build up with open chords then into some punchy and fierce riffs. Evolution of Aggression, this song takes me back to the early days of death metal like Hypocrisy or Sinister. Thrust to the Grave, guitar achieves a raw and crunchy rhythm but still maintains a good warm tone when executing the solos. Promises Granted Too Late, levels of brutality are turned up several notches on this song and I will have to admit it's one of my favorites from the album. My Throne To Be, features an eerie mood setting guitar intro, like stepping into a horror movie. Long and complex arrangement with clean guitar and very catchy solos. The track is seven minutes long and keeps you engaged every single second, it also demonstrate a high level of musicianship taking place in each passage. The Punisher is the last and bonus song on this album. The thrash metal elements are apparent and are a good way to end our journey.

In conclusion, the album keeps you on the edge and is filled with many memorable songs. Fans of early style DM like Carcass, Celtic Frost or Sentenced will most likely want to add this album to their collection. 



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