Tears Of Regret - Tears Of Regret EP

Tears of Regret is a four piece band from Jordan/Iraq consisting of members; Odai- Vocalist, Lyrics Writer and Mixing Mastering , Tareq- Guitarist, Hussein- Bassist, Fahad- Drums, Keyboardist and Music Composer. Tears of Regreat EP released through Depressive Illusions Records on January 1st 2014. Genre is describe as Atmospheric Black Metal, Doom, Ambient Metal.

The intro is lurid and creepy. Its a clean guitar line and really creates a depressive endless adventure through darkness. Next up is "Tears of Regret", title track, my thoughts are heavy sludgy and mind bending. One of the bands that come to my mind is early Sleepy Time Gorilla who also used off time sliding style riffing as I hear on this track. War In Sky, this composition goes for an incredible twenty seven minutes, I am thinking most of it was probably recorded live. What we hear is mostly bass lines with occasional drums and dark black metal style vocals like deep in the void of hell. Transilvanian Hunger, more on the ambient doom side of things, like very early Paradise Lost. Occasional double kick work and high BM style lyrics to make you crawl up a wall in fear. This track also features some synth work that makes it outlandish at moments. It ends with a keyboard piece and its catchy memorable. The Outro is similar to the intro, clean guitar line setting the atmospheric mode. The clarity in this particular song is very clean and polished compared to some of the earlier material.

In conclusion, the melodic aspect of the music is what I enjoyed the most. The Black metal style works but sometimes gets blurred with many other sounds happening. Fans of atmospheric BM, doom will surely want to check this EP out.



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