Decomposed - Devouring

Decomposed is a DM band from Sundsvall, Sweden consisting of members Jesper Ekstål - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Jim Mattsson - Drums, Micke Holmbom - Rhythm Guitar, Joachim Lyngfelt - Bass. Devouring album released on January 1, 2014 through Blood Harvest Records, Memento Mori.

Title track Devouring introduces and captures the senses from the first verses. I am reminded of bands like Entombed, Sinister, early Hypocrisy, Monstrosity, and many other from the early nineties glorious DM era. Bloodsoaked Disarray is song number two, this one has a strong Death (Chuck Schuldiner) influence. One the things I enjoy on this composition is the drums. There are some interesting fills with the ride and crash cymbals that stick in my mind. Abysmal Descent, clever and engaging guitar riffs along with mosh stomping grooves. Voices of Endless Decay, grinding and relentless attack from the start. It is one of those songs that make you want to smash things. Boiling Blood, like entering a dark chamber, an ambiance of horrors to come. Ode To The End, takes me back to good days of DM intensity, no frills, just straight to the bone crushing onslaught, we need more of this style these days.
From The Darkness, rapid fire blast beats, solid bass riffing and brutal low growl vocal style. Probably one of my favorite tracks. Last song on the album is Decomposition, memorable and catchy, I can imaging many fist in the air with horns held high headbanging to this song. 

In conclusion, the album captures the essence of the DM genre. Intense drumming, well executed solos, deep and devastating vocals and solid bass lines. Fans of Entombed, Monstrosity, Unleashed, early Hypocrisy, Grave, Death, will want to add this album to their collection.


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