Sunday, June 15, 2014

Battleroar - Blood of Legends

Battleroar is a six piece band from Athens, Greece. Genre describe as Heavy/Epic/Powermetal. Members are Gerrit Mutz - vocals, Stavros Aivaliotis - Bass, Alex Papadiamantis - Violin, Nick Papadopoulos - Drums, Antreas Sotiropoulos - Guitars, Kostas Tzortzis - Guitars.

Blood Of Legends album released through Cruz Del Zur Records on May 6 2014. Epic and adventurous are the feelings I got the first time I listen to this album. If battles of the ancient times needed a soundtrack this would be most fitting. Even in the opening track "The Swords Are Drawn", there is a wealth of progressive passages and catchy solos. Every instrument compliments each other perfectly. Its good to hear the violin (Alex Papadiamantis) on many of the tracks which adds another layer to explore in all the arrangements. Vocals can be best described as a cross between James LaBrie (Dream Theater) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden). The guitars are progressive and have great tone. The solo work is creative and never over the top allowing for the rhythm sections to flow through. The track Immortal Chariots is one of my favorites from this album, it reminds me of the old school style of metal I listen to back in the early nineties like Manowar or Intruder (Escape From Pain).
The Curse of Medea features an intense and memorable intro, highly recommend to listen to. Violin is a big highlight on this song. 

In conclusion, each composition is an adventure and has a solid production. The music lives up to the Epic feeling described. The arrangements come through with perfect precision and clarity. I recommend this album for fans of power/progressive metal to add to their collection. 

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