Sunday, June 15, 2014

Odem - Valley of Cut Tongues

Three piece Death/Black metal ensemble from Saint-Petersbug, Russia. This is their EP Valley Of Cut Tongues released through Daemon Worship Prod. on April 3 2013. Members are S.N. - Guitars, S.V. - Bass, KH - Vocals.

This EP waste no time bringing the devastation. From the opening track Nails As The Weapon of Hatred, we hear a slab of intensity thrown at our ears. fast and dominating double kick work by this drummer. Many grinds and creative rolls. The production is great. Warm, yet crushing guitar tones and vocals exhibit several ranges from low guttural to high BM style. Cult of Flesh is one of my favorite songs from this EP. The bass lines cut through and are lightning fast matching the speed and aggression of the drums, well executed. Healing Catalepsy, reminds me of early Behemoth albums or Nile without all the Egyptian hymns. The last track is Satanskin, interesting title. Clever guitar arrangements can be experienced on this song and is on that line of progressive aggression, well balanced and stays intriguing without loosing the attention of the listener. 

In conclusion, devastating, intense and pure brutality from start to finish. fans of underground DM/BM Nile, Monstrosity, Vader, Suffocation, and Immolation be sure to check out this band. 

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