Friday, June 6, 2014

DAY OF DOOM streaming The Gates of Hell in full at

Via Clawhammer- NYDM trio DAY OF DOOM is now streaming their newest release, The Gates of Hell, in full at The album is due out on Friday, June 6 through Lavadome Productions, but fans can get an early preview at this location.

Dwelling in the underground of Long Island, DAY OF DOOM's third album is the first to be released on a label. The new material represents the raw, sickening, and undeniable brutality of early New York Death Metal, sending the listener back to a time when every new album sounded fresh and exciting; the sole aim to create music that delivered a punch to the face and a kick in the gut. That's the sound of The Gates Of Hell, a stab of bludgeoning, uncompromising force played with skill and passion. The cover art was conceived by the mighty Raul Gonzales.