Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dead Earth Politics - The Queen Of Steel

Dead Earth Politics is a five piece metal band from Austin Texas. Members include Mason -Drums, Will -Bass, Tim Driscoll -Guitar, Ven- Vocals, Aaron - Guitar. The Queen of Steel is a self released EP on March 11 2014.

Short but deadly EP by this band. The opening track Redneck Dragonslayer begins with a catchy guitar harmony and lays a solid foundation. A strong vocal attack in noticeable from the first riffs, ranging from mid growl to high vocalizing duo that is pleasing to the ears. The title song The Queen of Steel is an embodiment of pure metal. The drums come through with great clarity. The song features a memorable solo at about the three minute mark worth spinning several times. Madness of the Wanderer, more progressive than the previous two tracks. Interesting time signatures and creative drum dynamics. The vocals reach an even higher pitch, sounding like early era metal stylings, similar to early Iron Maiden or Overkill. About the only downside to this EP is that it is only three songs. The band does have some previous releases that include "Mark the Resistance" EP back in 2006 and "The Weight of Poseidon". Be sure to visit them on FB to keep up with their live performances. 


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