Thursday, April 16, 2015

AGOS - Irkalla Transcendence

Agos is a one man band consisting of  Van Gimot - All instruments & Vocals and Astrous - Lyrical and visual concept. Genre described as black metal. Band origin Greece.

Irkalla Transcendence EP released on January 30th 2015 on III Damnation Productions. Consisting of only three tracks, this release packs a huge punch. The power and relentless brutality comes pouring through from the moment you hit the play button. Destructive drum sound with fierce double bass kicks breaking walls. Solid and furious guitar tone and punishing bass sound. I always enjoy listening to one man band projects. Its takes great talent to be able to play and record all the different instruments and keep it all sounding strong and precise. Akkadian Cenotaph plays through with a savage attack and heavy growling vocals. "Of Salt and Blood: The Rabisu's Rebellion", is intense and will make you want to punch things. Finally, Irkalla Transcendence plays and sets a different tone with melodic singing and complex riffing, in contrast to the other two songs this track has its own characteristics.

In conclusion, a short but crushing release. The music in intense and never gets boring. A good amount complex riffing and very involved drums make this one to be played at a high volume. Fans of death/black metal will want to add this to their collection.