Thursday, April 16, 2015

VILE DISGUST (Hungary) - Love all the Pigs

Vile Disgust is a four piece band consisting of members Stench - Guitar, Söndör - Vocal, Csapi - Bass, Sicu - Drums, genre described as Goregrind. Band origin Budapest.

Love all the Pigs album released on October 14th 2014, Bizarre Leprous Productions. Here we have a no rules all out maniacal album. Pure gore and fun in every single track. Titles like, "My dick is out of control", "Septic tank blues" and "Piss on me" will give you a good idea of the madness within. Production is very solid, good guitar distortion and crushing drum sound. If you are easily offended then this might not be for you. If you like your grind disgusting and unadulterated then continue listening. The short samples in the tracks add certain texture and with a well image of what to come. "I Cum Acid and Vag are good candidates for this. Think of the most vile porn and multiply by ten.

In conclusion, a fun and crushing album. Brutal riffing, blistering grinds and all the macabre lyrics you can handle.