Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dephosphorus/Haapoja Collaboration LP

Dephosphorus/Haapoja are two bands. Dephosphorous consisting of Thanos Mantas - guitars, bass. John Votsis - drums, Panos Agoros - vocals. Genre described as Astrogrind. From Athens. Haapoja consisting of Jyri Kuukasjärvi - Vocals, Pekka Kivelä - Guitar, Tuomas Ojala - Drums, Eero Kurkinen - Bass. Hometown Oulo. 

Collaboration LP Released: 12 February 2015, Handshake Inc/7 Degrees Records/Nerve Altar. After listening to this LP for a very long time on my head set, it finally started to grow on me. At first it all sounded very chaotic and did not make much sense. My views have changed. The music delivers a certain heaviness while staying of the standard composition notes. Its a good blend of grind, thrash/black metal, punk and spacial melodies. Haapoja, Pakon Sanelema and Minä Olen Herra are among my favorite songs, fast, furious and relentless. Dephosphorus music is laced with punk rock riffs and aggressive passages, Extract The Soul and  Shades Of Reality would be the most stand out songs from this split.

In conclusion, a refreshing listening experience. Both bands deliver a chaotic and aggressive music that will resonate with fans of both metal/grindcore and punk rock.