Thursday, April 16, 2015

Whispering Woods - Perditus et Dea

Whispering Woods is a seven piece band consisting of members Alexandra Burcă – soprano, Corina Hamat – mezzo soprano, Cătălina Popa – flute, Cora Miron – keyboards, Alex Dascăl – drums, Istvan Vlădăreanu – bass guitar, Doru Căilean – lead guitar, Genre described as Symphonic/Gothic/Doom Metal. Band origin Cluj-Napoca.

Perditus et Dea album released on Loud Rage Music on February 2015. The album consist of twelve songs. I spent a few weeks listening to this album. The melodies and amazing compositions can be found in each song. From the moment I hit the play button the clean guitar instantly grabbed my attention. Alexandra's vocals are great. They come thru with perfect clarity in the second song "Original Sin". The production quality is great, considered all the instruments that are involved, everything comes thru with good balance and tone. Not a surprise because it was mixed and mastered by well-known Finnish producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Amorphis, Swallow The Sun). The majority of the music I listen to is death metal and black metal, so listening to this album was a breath of fresh air. Some of the more stand out tracks would be My Altar, Poetica, Călușarii and Circle Complete

In conclusion, the music creates epic adventures and will grab your senses from the start. The melodic vocals and interwoven arrangements are well thought out and have a way of lingering in your imagination. Fans of goth, doom and melodic metal will want to add this to their collection.