Thursday, April 16, 2015

Corpse Garden - Entheogen

Corpse Garden is a five piece band consisting of Felipe Tencio: Vocals, Carlos Venegas: Bass, Federico Gutierrez: Guitar, Esteban Sancho: Guitar and Erick Mejia: Drums. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Heredia, Costa Rica.

Entheogen album to be released on 15 May 2015 Satanath / RTM Productions. This is the bands second full length and it rips. Staying true to the roots of the genre but adding complex riffing interwoven with catchy melodies. It is sure to melt the ears of their fans. Songs like Suspended Over the Abyss and A Balance of Opposites are among my favorites. No shortages of grinds or blistering solos. We also get the dual low and high vocals that are a standard stable in most of their hymns.

In conclusion, the music hits you hard and is relentless in its delivery. The album builds upon the heaviness and melodic complexity that was exhibited in the previous release. New comers to the underground are sure to make huge waves with this release.