Atomizer - Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt

Released on Hells Headbangers in 2008. The band formed in 1998 and split up in 2008. Hailing from Melbourne Victoria Australia. The albums starts with "Caustic Transmissions" hard to pin point where to label the style, they exhibit many. At moments thrash, then rock, then black, to ambient and metal. With all that being thrown in the pot they seem to attach it all seamlessly to create their own sound which is difficult for most bands to achieve, I even get a feel for a punk style in the way the vocals are delivered specially in songs like "Upon The Lamb Of Gob They Suckle No More" and "A Date with Eternity". Shame they are no longer active. One may think this would turned out to be a black metal onslaught if you were going base it on outside aesthetics. A closer inspection by listening track by track reveals a wealth of talent. Esoteria Is Now In Command" is a fast driven song a bit harsh on he vocals but it fits the speed been delivered. "The Song That Sounds Your Final Dawn" dark and haunting creating a mood to suit the title perfectly. "As The Blackening Waves of Fear Within Me Rise', high velocity on the drums, into a mid paced memorable style of riffing the hinge on a Rock n Roll style of playing. "Flowering Spores of Imagination" such titles of thought provoking topics is impressive, I enjoy been able to comprehend every sentence and enjoying the vocal style more and more as I listen to it. "All Disfigured and Blue" a tribute to auto asphyxia done in a catchy metal style riffing. "The Inevitable Mutiny", now we hear a subtle clean acoustic melody that is pleasing to my ears after an entire journey of heavyness its a nice break up in the album at this point. There is a sweet bass line that builds up this particular song which is very engaging and memorable. "Our Final Campaign" clean guitar begins and spoken word style fill the spaces, The last track "The Funeral Procession" is a fitting song to leave me spell bound and intrigue by all the music still swirling in my head. I recommend this album to metal fans looking for a variety of sounds which can only be describe as Atomizer.
~Frank G.
Physical publication in AEA Zine #22
Atomizer Metal Archives


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