Deathstorm - As Death Awakes

Released on "I Hate" records on February 2013. "As Death Awakes is a full length album from Deathstorm DM band from Styria, Austria. The title track "Awakening of the Dead" sets the tone for this experience, my first thoughts are "great thrash/black metal style" the first guitar riffs grab my attention instantly, raw production - nothing fancy or polished. Straight to the bone metal the way it should be. This band began in 2011 with"Storming The Menace" EP, follow by a split with Terrorama.
Red blood Spillage, reminds me of Slayer Haunting The Chapel days. "Prepare for the Slaughter" if its speed you like than this song is for you. Starting with some creative rolls and speed manifestation assault is one hell of a track to have you moving in the pit. "Await The Edged Blades" its great to hear the old style of raw thrash metal in this composition, followed along with a bass that reminds me of old Anthrax albums. For been a new band coming out in a 2013 metal landscape that has super technical, melodic, overproduced albums, its great to hear something that's as raw as you would of heard in the early days in the underground. "Nihilistic Delusion" the main riff in this track is great, I keep humming it long after the song was over. "Visions of Death" along with full on thrash metal speed there are equally fast solos to compliment the whole experience. "Nebelhexe" slows a bit to introduce us to its brutality, with a clean tone and then a phaser effect , which kind of reminds me of Orion style slightly then turns into a fast aggressive tune. the last song is properly entitled "Rest", cool chorus - fast drums -raw vocals end my journey through this album. overall I enjoyed every song and recommend this for old school thrash metals fans.
Frank G.
Publication in Aea Zine #22



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