Weeping, Kneeling - Effigies

Self released May 2013. If you are looking for dark ambiance, atmospheric dark passages then you want to check out this album which is available for your listening pleasure at Bandcamp. Starting with the song "Procession" I get a good sense of the journey about to embark upon. "The Orthian" tech like drums are evident, setting a mood of void and emptiness. "Abandoned" clean strumming begins this track and is pleasing to my ears. "Nightdweller" we finally get to hear some distorted guitar, it paints a vast landscape before introducing drums and then builds into a dark composition with other effects intertwine. vocals a high and classic BM style. "A Plea" a bass effect kicks this one off, like exploring a cave or walking on a dak path through the woods and interesting listen. "On the Threshold" has to be my favorite track of the entier album, guitar riffs are really good and stick in my mind, drums are subtle yet effective. "For Ten years They Bled" title is good and painful sounding, there are many interesting sounds to explore in this song, a composition showing all sides of musical style in doom, drone, experimental. "A Hymn For The Departed", some guitar harmonies make this track stick in my mind, overall and intense an epic experience, I recommend for fans of doom, drone, dark atmospheric hymns you will not be disappointed.

Weeping, Kneeling BC


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