X-Reviews Compilation CD Vol.2 2011

X-Reviews Vol. 2 comes to us from Morelas Centro, Mexico. Executive producer; Mario Gallardo M. Released in 2011. Track 1 Aggressor "Toxic Addiction", first thought are on the punk elements I hear on the drums, then transforming into more thrash metal assault. Production is on the raw end of things but adds to the experience. Track 2 Dark Sadness "Nothing To Hold", interesting intro then into the song, for some reason I think of Paradise Lost when listening to this but the old PL not the new, production quality is very good. Track 3 Neverghen "Silence" my first thoughts are drums are in the background, quality is not that good but still listenable, rough guitars but cool riffs, dual vocals are cool. Track 4 External Tumor "Perpetual nightmare" very well done bass begins with some great skill, guitars come in with equal talent, excellent quality of production, aggressive drums solid snare and vocals reminds me a bit of old Behemoth. Track 5 Ammunition "Madness Controlled Nightmare" nice intro, can't remember where is from but I dig it, sick thrash riffs begin and are dominant through out, remind me of old Overkill and D.R.I. very good recording. Track 6 Pyrophoric "Beyond Divination" I have actually heard music by this band before, this particular track i have not heard- great death metal song with vocals on the guttural end and effected with some chorus or maybe reverb, solid riffs and composition. Track 7 Eisheth's Funeral "Conquest" much louder in production value, clear and clean, exhibiting signs of classic style of BM, high and captivating vocals, very evil sound which i enjoy. Track 8 Mummified "Malicious Incubus Excavation", enchanting and haunting keys lead us into a lavish nightmare of epic adventure, raw recording add to the manevolence factor, solid riffs and aggressive drums bring it to the top of the comp. Track 9 Infernal Execrator "Diabolos Execratus Execari", crazy title and equally mentally engaging music, super fast drums are slamming through out this piece and vocals like a chant in hell. Track 10 Moloch "Fallendez Herbstaub tanzt in\m Wind" painting a dark depressive canvas of deep pain and sorrow, not for everyone unless you are open to doom sorrowful music you might not like this track, I happen to enjoy it. Overall another great comp. with much to explore. 
~Frank G. 
Physical publication in AEA zine #22   
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