Hannes Grossmann (Obscura/Blotted Science) to release solo album

The Radical Covenant will be the title to this upcoming release. It will feature many guest musicians including Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Spawn Of Possession, Ex-Necrophagist), Ron Jarzombek, Fountainhead, Danny Tunker (Aborted), Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) , Jeff Loomis and others.

Here is the official statement from Hannes;
"The music on the album sounds a lot like my band Obscura, but that's just how I compose. The reason not to release it as an Obscura album is simple: Obscura is a band, which means that four people work together and create music as a collective. If I write 45 minutes of music on my own, it has to be a solo record. It's probably gonna take another year until a new Obscura album will see the light of day, so here's your chance to make time pass more quickly."

More info on this project can be found at projects/the-radial-covenant-solo-album


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