Nights Amore - Subscribers of Death

Subscribers Of Death album released through Immortal Frost Productions in 2010. All music written and recorded by Nights Amore which is Chris; all instruments and programming.

The opening track is "We Of The Suffering Kind", the song is deep and talks in depth about depression an its symptoms, keyboard riffs and slight rhythm. The verse repeats and ends at about ten and half minutes. Next song is "The Depressive Years (Tribute to Endless Sorrow)", high chorus effect and several samples from different sources like movies and documentaries. Odesdod, interesting name, not sure what it means. A well stitched song and has discorded transitions in a few spots. Pure instrumental journey with several cresendos. "Cutting Close To The Edge", at moments this song reminds me of the Silent Hill song from part three, "A Stray Child" there is an interesting sample of a girl speaking about dealing with depression by cutting herself - the composition works perfectly and will say is one of my favorite songs so far. "Let Me Drown In Suicide", dark oppressive mood created by the music. Chorus and flanger on key passages take you into a deep void of emptiness. "When A Child Decides To Die", with a title like that you know it will be a moving piece, samples of a child speaking about suicide, captivating somber depressive on all levels. The track captures the essence of the entire album and the arrangements are memorable. "When My Heart No Longer Beats", much in the same vein as the others but with a more straight forward edge and less effects. Final and bonus track is "Age of Suicide" many samples of people speaking on the topic of depression and suicide many sound young, the music is very fitting and a great way to close this story. Overall, I enjoyed this album, the production is good and balanced. I recommend it for people who like instrumentals of mainly keyboards and synth with a depressive mood. Be sure to check out the other releases 'Sorgens Minuter Om Slutet" from 2012 and "In Memoriam Vitam" through bandcamp.  
Published in AEA Zine 23



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