Horizon - Don't Let The Time Pass You By

Immortal Frost Production present Horizon EP -Don't Let The Time Pass You By, released June 26 2011. Limited to 300 copies. 

The EP opens with Flight of a Snowflake, mood setting of calm and deep voyage. Above The Ashes, The Blue Sky Gazes, very intriguing title, keyboards paint an enigmatic landscape. The Darkness Days are Finally Gone, many layers of intense and emotion filled passages, I will have to say this track stays with me the most, well arranged and delivered. The Time Passes You By, title track. Here we experience a collaboration of both clean guitar and keyboards. The song takes my senses to many farscapes and long thoughts of serenity. The final song is "Light To Thy Path", on this particular track there are some scratch samples that I am not to keen on, but nonetheless are done in a tasteful manner. Overall an intriguing listening experience, the EP is completely instrumental so don't expect to hear any vocals. Good production quality and several memorable, captivating compositions are worth listening to.
Published in AEA zine 23



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