Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Total Death fanzine 1 - review

Total Death fanzine 1, published February 2013. Half page B/W print, 32 pages. From Istanbul, Turkey Editor Cenk A. 

Feature interviews with bands: Bestial Mockery, Gorelust, Melek-Tha, Infernal Execrator, Vomitile, Deathraiser, Exile, Weaponizer, Pyre, Gra, The Way Of Purity, , Waning, Cosmic Funeral, Flying Disciple. Making its debut in the underground world. This zine covers a lot of material. Sathanas makes the cover, and its a great choice. very interesting interview , the band talks about their upcoming releases and all the previous efforts since the late 80's. The interview with Melek - Tha is worth checking out, this guy has been a long time supporter of the underground and has a huge collection of vinyls/tapes.  Although it is a half size page print, the zine packs a ton of material including two pages of album/demo reviews. The font is a traditional typewriter style which I like because it give it a raw and pure feeling. The format is easy and pleasing to the eyes. The zine works in conjunction with Extreminal Webzine and Distro. At a cost of only five dollars this zine packs a punch and delivers in showcasing some great DM/HM bands that would normally not get the recognition they deserve. Issue number two has just been released, so be sure to pick up a copy. it also comes with a free CD. Visit the Extreminal Website to buy albums from most of the bands listed in this publication.