Dimlight - The Lost Chapter

Dimlight is a five piece band, members are Eva: Vocals. Peter: Guitars,Vocals. Nick: Guitars. Darien : Orchestra Composer. Jim: Drums. Music style is listed as, metal. Band location, Greece.

The Lost Chapter album released on Sliptrick records February 10 2016. My initial impression is, "intense and destructive". The opening song "Children of Perdition", is completely epic and thunderous. It is the perfect way to grab the listeners attention. With this release the group offers us ten tracks of aggressive and melodic metal with superb production. The music delivers a big impact. The arrangements are well written and you can tell they put a lot of attention to the small details. One the most captivating pieces to my ears would be the keyboard/synth rhythms, "Shattered Idols" is a good example of the chaotic magnitude of the music. Strong drums and heavy guitar tones come through with perfect sonic precision. Another song that hits a high mark on my list would be the track "Fields of Carnage", it creates a big adventure of sound, providing many twist and turns and worth listening to at a high volume.

In conclusion, this group is a destructive force to be reckoned with. The songs provide catchy hooks and memorable verses exhibiting epic and monumental passages for every listener to enjoy.



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