Spektralaeon - Crushing The Monolith

Spektralaeon is a one man band consisting of Uraeus. Lead guitar performances credited to Sean Currington. Music style is listed as, black/death metal. Band location, Wisconsin.

Crushing The Monolith EP self released on March 1st 2016. My initial thoughts are, a solid and powerful wave of sonic intensity. To my unsuspecting ears the music comes flowing at a high velocity. Being a debut ep, it is impressive to hear the level of aggression persisting from riff to riff. Great production quality with a solid drum sound.

Unleashing fury with the song "Entropic Dystopia", the intro slowly builds up and then suddenly the blast beat hits you and you know your in for a brutal ride. Cryptic low guttural vocals magnify the force. Arrangements that are well stitched patterns of both black metal and death metal roots. One of the things I enjoyed in this particular song were the rapid solos. Memorable and well conceived. Next up is, "Deviant Scion", heavier and more dynamic than the first song and features another style of vocals reminiscent of Simen Hestnæs from early Dimmu Borgir days. The last and title track is "Crushing The Monolith", it is punishing and it is a perfect way to close out this release. If I may note some influence, I would say, Ad Noctum, The Cold Beyond, Demonic Christ and Black Witchery. 

Final thoughts, a short but monumental Ep. The music delivers high energy from all directions. You can sample the release right from the BC link embedded on the post below. Be sure to also visit the band at their FB site also provided below.  



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