Shock After Collapse - Shock After Collapse

Shock After Collapse is a five piece band, members are Blai Drummer-drums, Rob Marco-guitars,bass,vocals,keyboards. Pedro Duran-Guitars, Jimmi Cuenca-Bass, Zyrus-Vocals. Music style is listed as, Metal. Band location, Madrid, Spain.

Shock After Collapse album self released on October 21 2015. My initial thoughts are, incredibly fucking heavy, tremendous fury, an unbridled power is released upon my ears. Production is solid and well balanced sounds. The album is an impressive debut and can make you headbang from the first instant you hear it. A mix of low aggressive vocals, high screams and also clean singing. Some influence that may be noted would be In Flames, Opeth, Lamb of God, Dream Theater and Chimera. With this release, the band is offering eight savage tracks. Among my favorites would have to be "Wall of Death", like a call to action in a mosh pit situation, this song gets your blood pumping and your fist clenching. The song "Dust", pummels the senses. High waves of anger can be felt, but it is also layered with good melodies to balance things out very smoothly.

In conclusion, this is a kind of album the batters you from beggining to end. Taking many elements from brutal to melodic and conbining them to come up with something unique and destructive. Both old school and new comers will find something to enjoy about it. 



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