Sacrilegium - Anima Lucifera

Sacrilegium is a four piece band made up of, Armeus -Drums. Suclagus-Guitars/Bass. Aleksandra Keyboards. Nantur Aldaron-Vocals. Music style is listed as, Pagan Black Metal. Band location, Poland.

Anima Lucifera album to be released on Pagan Records March 18 2016. This band got their start in 1993 and went dormant after 2000. After thirteen years they somehow collaborated to bring us this latest release. My initial impression is, pure and skull crushing black metal. A natural sounding recording. The album does not waste any time and gets right to the madness. Rooted in traditional rhythms and arrangements of the early black metal days. They execute each song in a menacing manner. Like beckoning of demons from the depths of the swirling abyss. Along with haunting, cryptic intros and outros. They offer dissonant melodies and subtle sounds that seemed to come from another planet. Of the eight savage tracks, the ones that managed to carve themselves into my mind would have to be,"Mare Tenebrarum" the composition reminds me of the band Mayhem in some aspects. It has rapid blast beats and spine shaking vocals. A couple of others that make a lasting impression would be, "Venomous Spell of Fate" and "Desiderium Immortalis".

Final thoughts, a finely carved piece of material. If you enjoy powerful b/m with melodic soundscapes and haunting overtures then this will be perfect for you. Be sure to check out the link below and find out when the music will be released.



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