HYPERION - Seraphical Euphony

Hyperion is a six piece band, members are Harry Lauraéus- Vocals. Erik Molnar - Guitars. Anders Peterson - Drums. Mikael Malm - Guitars. Joel Hagroth - Guitars. Raul Vicente - Bass. Music style is listed as, Metal / Black metal / Death metal. Band location, Stockholm.

Seraphical Euphony album released on Black Lion Productions February 22, 2016. This promo completely destroyed my senses. Its crushing on all levels. After spinning the entire album for the first time, I just kept coming back for more. Consider that I receive many promos every week, it becomes a rare thing for me to stay on a certain band for a time. With this release, I could not help but to keep it on replay. 

Exploring all the dark manifestation presented to my ears. The album is a beast of sheer violence and raw brutality. The opening song comes in with relentless punishment. The music conceives images of certain doom and desolation. The nine tracks are cryptic and malevolent. This is a very well produced disc and raw black metal forged in the roots of the genre. Feeling the tentacles reaching for you from the dark abyss as the music captivates the thoughts.

The epic feeling is projected with magnificent power of the keyboard melodies. The song "Moral Evasion", is a perfect candidate for this, the intro sticks in my mind and the main riffs are just crushing and devastating. I can mention some bands as influence may be Pestilence, Belphegore, At The Gates, early Dimmu Borgir and Samael. 

The entire album is an amazing journey of splendid melodic black metal. Although, I can listen to this album a million times, the song that brought me the most suspense and enjoyment would have to be "Blood Of The Ancients", it captures my mind with its clean guitar melodies and mixture of intense passages and depressive atmosphere. It is monumental. 

In conclusion, albums like this don't come along very often, the sheer power and crafting of brutal and melodic arrangements is on a high level. The band is sure to cause huge waves through the underground as its unleashing has just begun. Do not pass this up and take a listen, you will not be dissapointed. 



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