Visions of the Night vs.ReMechanized - Industrial Military Complex

Visions of the Night vs.ReMechanized is a one man project by Wolvesblood: Guitar/Vocals live guest performances by Rob Urbinati (track 1) Warhead (tracks 4 and 8) Jenn Kilburn (track 2) Session drums intro track Todd Hansen. Music style is listed as, Death/Black military inspired metal. Band location, Canada.

Industrial Military Complex album self released on January 2 2016. My initial thoughts on this release are, destructive sounds centered on war themes. The industrial drum sound is persistent through out the majority of this album. Guitars have a low tuned raw distortion. The music is definitely rooted in black/death metal, but they do have dissonant and haunting overtures that bring it into another realm. 

Some of the bands that may be noted as an influence would be, N17, Ministry, Gorefest, Brutal Truth and Fleshcrawl. The opening song "War Is Our Religion", comes in at high velocity. Aggressive and devastating in its delivery. The song sets the tone for the rest of the album and punishes the senses. "Written In Blood", is another strong contender. It starts with a mind bending intro then hits you with penetrating drums. "Assaulting Fortress", the feeling here is that of an invasion of epic proportions and there are no survivors. My last pick will be "Gorillas Withing the Midst", a slow and cryptic intro builds up intensity and completely pummels you by the time you reach the end.

Final thoughts, raw energy and huge waves of industrial tones are projected. If you want to listen to something with relentless battery and war induced themes, then this is the album for you.



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