Russian Death Metal Vol. 5

Symbol Of Domination, Armaada Art, American Line, Sevared Records and Darknagar Records present this massive release featuring eighteen extreme death metal bands from Russia. 

The opening band is The Mutilator, "Decent Elimination", with a name like that you know its going to be intense. They surely deliver aggression, surprisingly there is a clean melodic riff that comes out of nowhere and its a nice touch. Next we have, House of The Butcher, with blasting double kicks and blistering speed, they waste no time crushing the senses. Band number three are called Contrabandist with the song "Fat Fitness", brutal and potent, the bass lines really stand out and its a great song to jam to. Number four is the band Brainteasers, the song is "Little Fucker Factor", guttural and massive is my first impression, maybe not as fast as the previous bands, but, I think that's what makes them stand out. Number five is the band Cane Will Rise with the song "Born in Sand", low to high death metal vocals and massive double kick drums are presented with menacing force, great production too, I definitely played this one several times. Number six is the band Embodied Deception with the track "Playing With Your Mind", catchy riffs and very potent vocal attack, no shortage of brutality here, the solo in this song delighted my ears. In short, pure intensity and delivery of aggression. Number seven is the band Corvus Lives Again with the song "Shail", a dual vocal attack is noticeable at the onset, catchy riffs and strong bass lines are expressed with precision, a definite stand out from this compilation. Number eight is the band The Faceless Hunter, and their song "The Prophet", certainly different opening to this compare to the previous bands. I will have to say that this is a more progressive composition and is a bit technically in writing style. Number nine is the band Rotting Butcher with"Eaten By Sakhalin", my first impression is the embodiment of classic death metal style, simple yet devastating and catchy. Next band is Unplexiety with "Extreme Reality",  complex riffs fill my ears. An exciting mix of progression and brutality, I will be definitely looking for more music by this band. There's a lot happening in this song, very proficient musicians indeed. Number eleven is Marble Carrion with "Vitoria", extreme guttural sample, imaging someone is meeting their end, then the music hits and it just comes in with pure velocity, punishing sounds at every turn, its worthy of playing this track several times, crushing. Number twelve is Rage Of Kali with "With Clusters Stand Divides", a punishing assault with penetrating riffs, low gutturals will send chills down your spine. Next is number thirteen Poghost with "The Dicktator", compare to the past few bands, these guys are raw. Next up is number fourteen, Teodolit with "Blood Soaked Revenge", another dual vocal attack, blistering drums heavy bass tones and punishing guitar riffs, spin this one several times. Number fifteen is the band 602 with "Axes", wishing the drums could be more audible but not a huge deal, I like the solos and creative bass lines. Next is number sixteen the band The Serpent and The Rainbow, with their song "Seeker", an interesting mix with keyboards and a mix of high vocals and gutturals, certainly a welcome change compared to the previous bands. Number eighteen is The Nameless with "The Last Word", a much different approach taking from the classic dm style of early nineties, its fiiting and easy to get into. Finally we have Bridge To Infinity, the song is "The Storm Is Coming", progressive riffs and melodic passage are a welcome to my ears after listening to a monument of heavy tones, this is well executed and features some nice melodies mix with brutality. ~Artemortifica

Visit the bands
The Mutilator - facebook-themutilatorband
Contrabandist - facebook-Contrabandist
Brainteasers - facebook-brainteasersband
Cain Will Rise - facebook-cain.willrise
The Faceless Hunter - facebook-thefacelesshunter56

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