Bastardos - Bastardos

Bastardos is a three piece band, Members are, drums: Tomás Creatini. Bass and Vocals: Damián Alfaro. Guitar: Tomás Doglioli. Music style is listed as Thrash Metal
Band location, Buenos Aires.

This is a reissue by Grimm Distribution and Morbid Skull Records. Here we get ten songs striking with full thrash metal ambition. With songs like Horror Celestial and Apocalipsis Thrash, they pack a lot of strength in their composition. Powerful bass lines 
and sharp detailed solos are strung about from song to song and it is very easy to enjoy if you like the thrash metal genre. The album also comes as a vinyl pressing that looks very nice and should make it into your collection. 

In conclusion, the energy and potency of the music comes across in clear and powerful production. If you like the old pillars of thrash metal like old Destruction, Overkill and Kreator then you will definitely want to check this out. 
Visit the band at facebook-thrash.bastardos

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