Argus - Beyond the Martyrs

To be released October 1 2013 through Cruz Del Sur Music. Beyond The Martyrs is the third full length album by Argus - Metal band hailing from Western PA. Members are Butch Balich - vocals, Jason Mucio - guitar, Erik Johnson - guitar, Andy Ramage - bass, Kevin Latchaw - drums.

The opening track "By Endurance We Conquer", sets a haunted and dismal atmosphere with catchy guitar licks and solid bass line. Metal roots are evident through out. Vocals are clear and it's easy to understand all the lyrical content. No super polished production, just straight forward raw power. "No Peace Beyond The Line" has a strong and memorable chorus. The Hands Of Time Are Bleeding some of the bands that come to my mind as I listen are Helloween, Savatage and Hammerfall. "Trinity" is song three, guitar tones are heavy and captivating. The main rhythms get my head moving. The early sounds of metal are etched in every song and good to hear bands still accomplishing to capture that special magic. "Cast Out All Raging Spirits" would say is my favorite track on the whole album. All the elements from the previous tracks come together on this song and the chorus is enchanting, I can envision an audience with fist in the air singing along to it. 

Overall a listening journey worth taking and recommend it for fans of true Heavy Metal like the early Helloween and Savatage albums. 


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