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CALADMOR - releasing the new album ,Of Stones And Stars' 8-30-2013,
featuring Chrigel Glanzmann, vocalist of ELUVEITIE!

 Chrigel of ELUVEITIE quotes for "Of Stones And Stars", the upcoming full-length of CALADMOR:
,I’m really excited about the upcoming album of my Swiss friends CALADMOR! Not only because of the indisputable improvement compared to their debut ,Midwinter' but also because ,Of Stones and Stars' is in my opinion simply a very originally arranged Epic Folk Metal-Opus with clean (mainly female) vocals coming along with harsh vocals.
Sounding very simple so far, there is much more about ,Of Stones and Stars'! For I think CALADMOR’s true strength lies within their skills in creating a sound with stunning diversity still preserving the typical CALADMOR-Style within all their songs. On ,Of Stones and Stars' CALADMOR coquette with every imaginable genre.
There are for example tracks in true Amon Amarth manner, fine melodies reminding of good old AMORPHIS ’ ,Tales From The Thousand Lakes', songs in pure Epicness like those of MOONSORROW as well as Songs in typical ,Central Europe Pagan Metal tradition' of the brand EQULIBRIUM & Co. – CALADMOR succeeds in bringing all those styles in without being self-denying or forgetting about the typical CALADMOR trademarks. Really an interesting album!'

,Of Stones and Stars' can get ordered at:


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