Majalis - Cathodic Black

Cathodic Black EP released July 2013 through Pulverized Records. members include: Tobias Netzell- Guitar,keyboards,backing vocals. Björn Pettersson - Guitar,keyboards,backing vocals. Daniel Jansson - Vocals,bass. Jonas Martinsson - Drums. Band roots from Falun, Sweden. Genre described as Post rock/metal.

This EP is comprised of three songs starting with "Rusting Sun", keyboards lead us into a heavy and mood setting opening. My first thoughts are, great production, guitars are clear and have excellent tone. Dark passages and somber feeling is what I am experiencing on this song. Nine minutes of total doom rock destruction, an epic way to start us of. "Altar", chorus effect and drone riff arrangements painting a vast landscape of dismal sounds, a heavy Neurosis influence is apparent. Vocals are low and raspy. Lyrical content is easy to understand as the vocalist finds a balance level between heavy yet discernible approach to his style. "Tooth and Bone" is the last song, upfront and punchy lines of sludge rock and heavy overtones. I am reminded of a band I recently witnessed live called The Flight of Slipnir which has similar attributes. As the title implies it is exactly what you will get.

In total the EP is twenty five minutes of heavy, Rock, Doom filled mystic. I can recommend it to fans of Novembers Doom, Neurosis, Catatonia, The Lumberjack Feedback, The Flight Of Sleipnir and many other in the sludge, drone, rock and doom genre.



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