Autumnblaze - Every Sun Is Fragile

Every Sun Is Fragile full length released on Pulverized Records in late July 2013. Autumnblaze is Markus Baltes - vocals, guitars, bass. Arisjel - drums. Andreas Schuler - guitars. The bands hails from Germany. Genre described as Melancholyrockmetal.

The album starts with "opening" and is a minute thirty seconds intro with clean guitars, building a musical map of what is to come. "New Ghost In Town", is the first full song, the first thing I am reminded of is early Anathema. Clean vocals are dominant through most of the track and I hear some higher pitched ones towards the end. "Invisible Fields", solid bass lines and drums set creatives passages with the lyrics being easily digestible and comprehensible to my ears. "I'm Spiegel", interesting title, much heavier guitar tone and vocal style are found in this track. Assuming this is all sung in German which sounds great anyhow, even though I don't understand a word, I can appreciate the musical content just as well. Its heavy rock start captures my attention and drives with an awesome chorus line that is catchy to my ears."Mein Engel, der aus Augen filest", this track reminds me a lot of The Devin Townsend project or even, dare I say Type O Negative. "Every Sun is Fragile", title track, much more melodic than the rest of the songs. The clean guitar tone captured on the recording is crystal clear and fits with the vocals perfectly. "How I learned to Burn My Teardrops", that's a huge title with deep meaning. The track is full of emotion and hard not to become moved by the content. The mood is somber and melancholy almost reminiscent of End Of Green. "Verglimmt", is the closing song, this one is in German too. Completing and epic journey of sound. Overall surprised by this release and found many tracks pleasing to my ears. 



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