Neldoreth - The Saints of Blasphemy - I: Baptized in Blasphemy

The Saints of Blasphemy - I: Baptized in Blasphemy full length released April 2013 under Extreminal Productions. Studio members are: Bloodcurse-Vocals, Sixrazor- Guitars, Ricktor Ravensbrück- Guitars, Ixitichitl- Bass, Dorjan- Drums. Live performers include: Bloodcurse- Vocals, Hellskald- Guitars, Mörg- Guitars, Deragore- Drums. The band hails from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The first song is an intro, Diabolicae Baptismum- Spoken word with a horror movie style of sound in the background almost reminded me of the old style 70's horror film music which I enjoy very much and grabs my attention. Next up is "Baptized in Blasphemy", title track, solid performance high BM vocal style kicks in immediately, good production quality - guitars sound aggressive and have heavy brutal tone. "Spawn of Creation", this one has thrash metal elements on the arrangement of the riffs, I hear dual vocal, mid-low to high executed with precision. "Christian Despotism", very creative guitar work, some intense harmonized composition, more on the death metal side of the spectrum with some influences to be noted as early Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel or Overkill. "Abomination Proclaimed Through Heresy", this track has guest vocals from Demonic Christ vocalist: Dana Duffey. A very nice surprise to hear her vocals on this album as I am a fan and very familiar with the music of Demonic Christ. The song has many open chords and it is raw metal sound reminiscent of old school Motorhead at moments. "Satanae Regni", ends my journey through this record, it's a minute and a half outro and has an epic feel to it, battle like drums and most definitely fitting. This album is part one of a trilogy and leaves the door open for part two which I will most likely keep my ears open for when it comes out.

The band has several other releases since 2004 which include two full lengths and other demos. Overall, I enjoyed listening to this record and recommend this for fans of BM and DM alike as you will find something memorable in each track. ~Artemortifica


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