Purify The Horror - Untitled EP

An EP released through Sociopathic Sound Recordings / Dissected Records. July 30 2013. A three piece grind ensemble hailing from Birmingham. Genre described as Grindcore.

The firs song, The Deepening Revolt, is a brutal assault from the start, psychotic screaming and frenzied drumming paint a picture of the terror that is yet to unfold. Next up is "PIG", a crank call of sorts. Catchy riffs and heavy thunderous drums get my head moving. "Future & Fantasy", this particular song reminds me of the bands Phobia and Napalm Death, if those two bands had a baby this track would more likely be it. "Kill Them All", none stop violence continues to churn out yet another slaughter slab of madness, solid performance that will more likely have you punching things. "Give me Your Money", another band that comes to mind as I listen is also The Berzerker", more in the vocal style, would also have to include Carcass as an influence as well. "Wearing The Crown", a circle pit can be envision, many fist flying and will have to be a mass assault on unsuspecting victims. "Christmas Party Mayhem", what a title. A none traditional kind of event I imagining, grinding madness very short in its attack. "Restitution", I like this one, cool bass drum opening riffs draws the listener in to be destroyed, guitar tones are solid and brutal without loosing any of its raw feeling. "The Resistance", is the final track, fast and furious attack, a take no prisoners attitude. The band, wishing to remain anonymous are only known as Sergeant Squeal: Vocals, Fat-belly Pig: Additional vocals, Bear-Pig: Guitars & Bass, Lord-Pig: Drums & Lyrics.

Overall, I really like the EP and found myself spinning it several times in my stereo. I recommend it for fans of the grindcore genre, fans of Brutal Truth, The Berzerker, Napalm Death, Phobia, Noisear and Terrorizer will want to add this one to their collection.

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