Valkynaz -Valkynaz

A one man BM project. S. Stormhammer: All screams ov agony, instruments, and genocide. Genre described as Raw Black Metal, Ambient and True Tamrielic Black Metal. Roots from Henderson, NV

This album is part of several provided to me by AEA zine for inclusion in issue #23. There are a total of 23 songs with a combined total of 45 minutes. As raw as it gets as far as production quality. Sometimes there are real drums and sometimes drum machine. To quote directly from the insert "Crafted in unbridled disgust and revulsion for all things, living or dead, between the months of Morning Star and Second Seed, 2012". A couple of tracks feature interesting intro with a dark atmosphere. Guitars are recorded in their purest form without any type of processing except for slight distortion and sound like they were captured straight to recording. The riffs are interesting but do fall of timing with the drums on occasions. Vocals are in true BM style just like he describes "screams of agony" is what you will hear. Further into the disc bass lines become apparent but do not match up at times with either the guitar or drums. As an art form I keep an open mind to it as much as possible, but I do feel people will probably not get it or like it. Capturing despair, aggression and hate sometimes requires it to be expelled right onto a track without much thought other than heading into as its been felt. Most of the songs finish with a slide on the guitar giving me the impression its completely live production with only few adjustments if any. Some tracks are purely instrumental. The layout for the album is good B/W in true BM form. I like the logo, its sharp and stands out. If you like totally underground obscure raw to the bone sounds this will surely be part of your collection.
Physical publication upcoming AEA zine #23 



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