Odetosun - Gods Forgotten Orbit

Gods Forgotten Orbit is a self released album, August 1, 2013. Members consist of Luke Stuchly-Vocals. Benny Stuchly - guitars, bass, synth. Gunther Rehme - Drums. Based out of Augsburg, Germany. The band is described as progressive metal.

Cracking Shell of Calypso, is the opening track. Clean strumming riff captures my interest immediately, short and gets right into the heaviness. Really digging the vocal style - its mid growl but easy to discern lyrical content. We are led into a bass line that has impressive tone and clarity. A solo comes in, fluid and well written, blending perfectly with the rhythm section."Veil of Leviathan", great title. Catchy and captivating bass line leads the journey into this composition. Drums sound powerful and well executed.
"Eclipse Chaser", this track builds many layers of harmony, from the open chords and progressive bass arrangements. It's a composition that makes your brain inspect all aspects of the riffs being projected. Journey to Gilese, (instrumental), two of the bands that come to my mind as I listen are Ozric Tentacles and Cynic. A strong rhythm section creates an immersed landscape, sort of a cosmic trip into unknown territories, I hear a Pink Floyd influence in the transitions, an amazing song indeed and probably one of my favorites."The Swarming Infinity", intensity comes roaring through my speakers, excellent vocals just dominate with power and brutality."Gods Forgotten Orbit", title track and last song on the album, a perfect way to encapsulate all the elements of cosmic trance. A great way to close the experience and found myself listening to it several times. 

Honestly, I was not expecting a vast journey such as the one I encountered here. Definitely an album I will be listening to for a long time to come and sharing it with my friends. This band deserves much more recognition and attention. Creating soundscapes that are both pleasing to your ears and mind. Recommend it for fans of Gojira, Ozric Tentacles, Cynic, and Tool. The band has their own vibe going on for sure and I feel people of many genres can find something to enjoy in each composition.




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