Friday, January 15, 2016

Bosque - Beyond

Bosque is a project by Daniel M. founded in 2005. Genre described as Funeral Doom with intense elements of Drone. Band origin Portugal.

Beyond album released on Dunkelheit Produktionen January 2 2016. My first thoughts, a deep sorrow and haunting feeling like a corpse reaching up from its long forgotten tomb. Production is ok, I felt that it might be a live recording of some sort. Contained in this opus are three dark and oppressive compositions. Like a cold rotting hand reaching for you neck in the middle of the night. The song "Paradox", is good example of depressive tone. The song "Enter", is a monumental frozen wave in the abyss.

In conclusion, if you like your doom metal punishing and highly oppressed, then check out this ep, you will not be disappointed.