An Argency - Through Existence

An Argency is a five piece band from Minsk. Genre described as Sympho blackened deathcore.

Through Existence album to be self released on January 29 2016. The band recently formed in 2015. This is their debut album. Considering how long they have been a band this recording is very tight and well arranged. The opening track is epic and will quickly grab your attention. A powerful performance is delivered and the amount of brutality is set at a high level. Some of the influences I do hear in the songs would be bands like At The Gates, Lamb Of God and Chimera. Although, they do have their own characteristics being express with an orchestral atmosphere they are projecting. Some of the more stand out songs from this album would have to be "False Recognitions", heavy guitar riffing and memorable passages. "The Final Conclusion", this particular track reminded me of the early Fear Factory albums, very well structured and the harmonies combined with heavy breakdowns make this one worth spinning several times.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something with unsuspected twist and turns along with orchestral atmosphere, then this an album worth checking out. 



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