Missa Mortvm - Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis

Missa Mortvm is the work of Ots - All Instruments in Studio. Live performance band members consisting of, Ots - Drummer and Vocalist Live. AJ. - Bass Studio & Live. Marbas - Guitar Live. H.L. - Guitar Live. Genre described as Black metal. Band origin Santiago, Chile.

Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis album released on August 22, 2015 Satanath Records. My first thoughts, music that captures the essence of desolation and fierce aggression in all its forms. They offer us five devastating and captivating songs with melodies that will haunt you in your dreams at night. The feeling of despair is a difficult one to manifest in song but they seemed to be able to do it effortlessly and with crushing results. Along with the magnificent and enthralling guitar parts, we also have blistering blast beats laying the ground work for all of this to be exhibited in a proper manner. The vocals are low to mid high but are done really well and you can almost feel a demonic tone in its delivery. Out of all five compositions the ones that really stood out the most were "Cantos Profanos",  its a great track and captures most of the elements the band is projecting in their music. In particular, the middle of the song, when the melody comes in, it really perked my attention and it is easy to get involved in its enthrallment. "Ire Viam De Lumine", is another great contender and is a perfect way to leave the listeners wanting more.

In conclusion, if your are looking for some dark and malevolent music with feeling of bleak desolation then look no further, this is the album you must add to your collection.



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