Caelestia - Beneath Abyss

Caelestia is a six piece band consisting of  Nikos Palivos - Bass, Panos Varvaropoulos - Guitars, Dimitra Vintsou -Vocals, Vassilis Thomas - Guitars, Aranel - Bass, Vangelis Evangelou - Guitars. Genre described as progressive, symphonic extreme metal. Band origin, Athens.

Beneath Abyss album released on Inverse Records February 16th, 2015. The melodies and progressive riffs coming from this release are epic. The production is top notch. I would say one of my favorite things from this album are the powerful vocals coming from Dimitra Vintsou, she has incredible range and is able to captivate my senses in nearly every song. Beyond the melodies, you can hear some heavy and crushing passages as well. For example the track "Secret Rite" (feat Markus Freiwald - SODOM) is a powerful and memorable tune with excellent solos and devastating drums. "Lake of Decay" is another song I ended up playing several times. "The Grand Sublimation", has a haunting intro and builds into a sonic adventure worthy of a mid-evil film. 

In conclusion, if your looking for intense and devastating metal with captive melodies and epic feelings, then look no further, fans of In Flames, At The Gates, Nightwish, Dissection and Paradise Lost will want to add this to their collection. 




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