Temisto - Temisto

Temisto is a two piece band consisting of Leo Ekström Sollenmo and Sebastian Lindbom Gunnari.  Genre described as death metal. Band origin Sweden.

Temisto album to be released on Pulverised Records February 26 2016. Deep from the deepest part of the void comes this massive beast of sonic devastation.  Set with a good amount of blast beats and creative tempo changes. The song "Abyssal Depths", is reminiscent of the band Atheist from the early nineties in the way they approach their compositions. The transition from heavy to melodic with a sort of complex tempo change is a clever exhibition of their abilities. "The Ritual", is a creepy and enthralling song and is worth spinning several times. "Demiurge", is another strong contender. The song has a way of embedding in your mind and can feel like a bleak and isolated type of emotion with its dissonant chords and clean strumming on the guitar. 

In conclusion, the album contains many dark passages and layers of arrangements. Not your standard style of writing which is something I enjoy. Complex and fierce execution of death metal with well thought out transitions.



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