Turbocharged / Ragehammer - Enlightenment by Bloodletting

Turbocharged is a three piece band consisting of Ronnie Ripper - Bass/Lead Throat. Freddie Fister - Drums/Throat. Old Nick - Guitars. Genre described as Deathpunk metal. Band origin Sweden.
Ragehammer is a four piece band consisting of  Corpsebutcher - Bass. Mortar - Drums. Bestial Avenger - Guitars. Heretik Hellstörm - Vocals. Genre described as Black/thrash metal. Band origin Sweden/Poland.

Enlightenment by Bloodletting split to be released on Godz Ov War Productions / Mythrone Promotion on March 2016. Lets start with Turbocharged. They come out with all guns set to rapid fire right from the start. Heavy, crushing with no fucks given and solid assault of blazing double kicks on the drums. Guitar riffs are catchy and have a raw distortion sound which adds character to the music. Ragehammer, crushes the senses with bare knuckles and shredding guitars. One of the things that stands out is the heavy bass tone which is dominant through out the song and fits perfectly with the entire brutality being projected at us by this music. I would say my favorite song from this split would be "PanzerFaustian Enlightenment", it is a track that really gets the blood pumping and makes you want to punch things.

In conclusion, a short but highly energetic release of pure black/death metal madness. A must for true followers of the underground.



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