Foul Body Autopsy - Perpetuated By Greed

Foul Body Autopsy is a one man band consisting of Tom - Guitar, Vox, Drum Programming.
Genre described as Blackened Death Grind. Band origin Leicester City.

Perpetuated By Greed album to be released on Grindscene Records / Comatose Music 
26 February 2016. One of the things that struct me the most upon listening to this was the flurry of notes coming from the guitarist. This is some intense scale work with precise execution. By the time I realized it, I was already listening to the third song "Chewed up by The Machine", this song is just massively crushing and a relentless battery to the senses, reminds me of Dying Fetus or Obscura. I enjoy how quick the songs are are. Nothing is wasted. Catchy short riffs that deliver the intense feeling and leave you wanting more. "Devoid of Humanity" is another powerful song that hits you like a sledgehammer before you can even blink. 

In conclusion, the entire album kicks ass. A fast and furious approach works really well. This is brutal death metal done right, without any filler, just a savage blow of intensity that leaves the listener wanting more.



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