Horrified - Of Despair

Horrified is a four piece band consisting of Dan Alderson - Guitars/ Vocals, Rob Hindmarshh - Guitars, Dan Hughes - Bass, Matthew Henderson - Drums. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin, UK.

Of Despair album to be released on Stormspell Records March 25 2016. After listening to the first three songs it was evident that the band plays old school death metal. Like a long flashback of raw brutality. The production has the same feeling. The relics of the past come creeping back and remind me of old Monstrosity, Napalm Death, Grave and Gorguts. With this release, the group offers us eight tracks that push forward that malevolent force. Among all the devastation and chaos that's heard, I do have a few stand out tracks worth mentioning. The title track "Of Despair", not a super fast composition, rather a mood setter and by mood I mean oppressed feeling. Filled with memorable harmonies and great solos, sort of in the vein of the band Hypocrisy. "The Ruins That Remain" is another song that manifest influence of Exodus or Carcass. 

In conclusion, the old school phantoms are resurrected in vivid form. If you like the early nineties death metal era, then this album is a must for your collection.



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