Sunless Rise - Unrevealed

Sunless Rise is a five piece band consisting of Kirill Ershov – Vocal, Alex Becker – Guitar, Sergey Shulzhenko – Keyboards, Evgeniy Kasitsyn – Bass, Alexey Mallovsky – Drums. Genre described as Technical Melodic Metal. Band origin, Russia

Unrevealed album self released on November 30, 2015. My first impression, these are highly involved musicians. The music on this release sounds very progressive and melodic right from the start. Complex arrangements and elaborate compositions can be heard between the guitars and keyboards. Sometimes, it reminded me of Dream Theater. The song "Awakening", is a good example of trading  passages from keys to guitar. The melodies come at you lightning fast with superior double kicks powering the main rhythms. Personally, when bands add to many scales and progressions, it could be a bit much for novice listeners, however on this album the band does it just enough to keep things interesting while maintaining the groove of the songs. There is also a good amount of clean vocals and I think some people may or may like it but, I think it fits perfectly and compliments the music in a good way. Not to fear, they also have some great low guttural death metal vocals too, to round out the album and give it some balance. The track "Recovering The Truth", is a good example of both style presented in a devastating manner. 
In conclusion, the album has much to offer for both melodic progressive fans as well as those who enjoy a more brutal approach to their music. All the songs are powerful and pack many elements of the metal styles for everyone to enjoy.



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