Ground Meat - Unborn

Ground Meat is a five piece band consisting of Christofer-Vocals, Cristóbal-Bass Guitar, Camilo-Lead Guitar, Alfredo-Rhythm Guitar, Raúl-Drums. Genre described as metal. Band origin; Santiago de Chile.

Unborn album released on September 29, 2015. My first thoughts, interesting band name. The album cover brings images of some kind of radioactive spill creating a preconceived notion that it may contain some thrash metal. I was wrong. The music is clearly rooted in metal, think of bands like Machine Head, Lamb of God, Chimera, Sevendust and maybe even old Sepultura. In terms of production the quality is very good. Solid bass tones, heavy drum attack and crushing guitar distortion.
This is the bands debut album and it contains nine powerful tracks with catchy solos and strong phrases rooted in traditional metal compositions. Amongst my favorites would have to be, "Death Project", "Motor Burn Machine", which contains some excellent bass lines that come clearly with sonic resolution through my speakers and "Black Minutes", which has some fast passages the get the blood flowing.
In conclusion, a crushing debut, well composed elements rooted in metal with catchy solos and strong bass lines. Enough metal for old school fans and progressive enough to catch the ears of new generation of headbangers.



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