Sunday, March 1, 2015

Biotoxic Warfare - Lobotomized

Biotoxic Warfare is a five piece band from Greece. Members are Mike-Vocals, George-Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals, Stelios-Rhythm Guitars, Panagiwtis PS-Bass, Orestis-Drums. Genre described as Thrash metal.

Lobotomized album released on January 2015 Slaney Record. The release features eight songs. My first impression, the old school metal influence is evident from the opening track. Some of the bands that popped into my head as I listen to this release were, Death, Overkill, old Sepultura, Anthrax and D.R.I. Comparisons aside, the album progresses from thrash then into death metal realm as it reaches the end. The guitar solos are great. A lot of memorable melodies and structures. "Dysphoric Reality", is one of my favorite songs. On this particular track, the influence of the band Death and Slayer is very clear in the composition. The title song "Lobotomized", is another worth mentioning. It has a catchy acoustic twelve string guitar intro that stuck in my head. "Parasitic Life", comes in with relentless battery which is great to my ears. "As We Rot" brings a thunderous drum progression followed by blistering blast beats. This is one of the songs I played several times at a loud volume. In conclusion, this is an aggressive and punishing album that should not be missed, both fans of the old school thrash metal and the new generation of metalheads will find something to enjoy from this album. ~Artemortifica


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