Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kataplexy announces new line up.

Recent news from Chicago's Kataplexy- line up announcement.

"So while we are still auditioning drummers, we figured it would be a great idea to beef up the Kataplexy sound by adding a second guitarist to the mix. This role will be filled by none other than current 'Plexy bassist, Joel Sandoval! Joel has been itching to play guitar for a while now, so this was a perfect opportunity. 
Obviously this leaves us without a bass player, so we've decided that current 'Plexy vocalist Paul Garcia will add bass duties to his responsibilities. Paul has played bass in numerous Chicago death metal bands, so this was naturally a perfect fit. Current 'Plexy guitarist Mike Mayborne will continue to play guitar and smoke fat bowls. 
So there you have it. New guitar player, new bass player, still not gonna announce the new drummer for a couple weeks just to keep y'all guessing.

Thanks for reading and GRIND ON!"

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