Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fetid Zombie - Grotesque Creation

Fetid Zombie is a band conceived by artist Mark Riddick and various contributing musicians. Genre described as Death/Thrash Metal. Band origin; Leesburg, VA / USA.

Grotesque Creation album released on February 15th, 2015 Metalhit. My first impression, classic and intense death metal sounds. I spent several weeks listening to this album. To be honest this music resonates with me on all levels. Not just a standard death metal template of tracks. Each song has a certain character and substance and is memorable in its own way. At first, I did not expect it to be as monumental as it turned out to be. Take the song Into the Unknown, it starts like an early nineties metal song then it transcends into a darker and horror filled composition. The solo is great, simple and very memorable. I played this song numerous times. The title track "Grotesque Creation", features some creative bass lines than stand out in my head. In my mind this song is sure to be a classic. Some of the things that catch my ears are the subtle keyboards as well as creepy passages that resemble those of legendary horror film soundtracks such as those of Bava or Argento. Razor-Sharp Attack, I get a sense of thrash metal like that of Accept or Kreator. The Way of Mortality, the roots of early metal can be felt right from the start. Simple, yet very effective progression into some wicked sounding bass lines. Utterance of Doom (featuring Microcosm), the melodic passage half way into this song just mesmerizes me, then the solo comes in and just tops it off perfectly. The song that completely blew my mind away was "The Outstretched Hand of Rotten Death", it is an epic and devastating track. The beginning starts with a very melodic and intense bass line. The verse line comes in with a big solo that just makes my head move. The ending is by far the most moving piece of music for me, it conjures up images of all the classic horror films of the 80's and early nineties. I found myself playing this track over and over again and I can't say enough about it other than you have to experience it for yourself.

I have been a long time fan of Riddicks artwork and it is a pleasure to hear his music. It is just as amazing as his artwork and fits perfectly as a full package of horror and dark atmosphere.

For those interested to know who the contributing musicians on this project are, here is a quote right from the FZ facebook page Riddick regularly recruits special guest appearances by other distinct talents from bands like NUNSLAUGHTER, BONE GNAWER, ROTTING CHRIST, SWAMP, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA, LOCULUS, ARSIS, GRAVEWURM, DEVOURMENT, RUDE, HORRENDOUS, CRUCIFIER, SKELETAL SPECTRE, etc.

In conclusion, the music is raw to the bone like the early death metal recordings of bands like Grave, Hypocrisy, Sinister and Gorguts. Each song holds a certain characteristic that set them apart from each other. The album is certain to be a cult classic. Fans of the old school dm as well as the new comers to the underground music should most definitly add this to their collection. ~Artemortifica